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I recently asked an overworked, stressed, Year 2 teacher what, as a Head, I could do to make his life easier.  His reply will resonate with anyone in education, “Put more hours in a day.”

As teachers, time is the thing that we never have enough of. In that ideal world, were we omnipotent for a day, or provided with the proverbial ‘three wishes’, most teachers would ask for more time (after world peace obviously!)

We want more time in our lessons (there always seems to be more content in our plans than we can get across in that short period), more time to really talk to children (we are conscious that we often don’t get to know them the way our TAs do), more time to listen (to pupils, colleagues, parents), more time to plan, more time to mark, more time to carry out Leadership duties. The list is endless, and because of all of the work things that we always need more time for, we are also constantly in need of more time at home. More time to spend with our partners/friends/family (How often have we heard neglected ones exclaim, “I thought teachers finished at 3.30!”?), more time to spend with our own children (“But mum/dad, you haven’t signed my homework diary in days!”), more time to have a social life (‘work-life balance’, have you ever met a teacher with one?), more time to sleep….

So, given that we can’t make our days any longer, we have to try to use the time we have more productively.

Below are some links for ideas as to how you could save time and work more efficiently.

Useful Links for Teachers

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