Science with Stick Mark Boom!

SMB Science, follows the holistic, whole school approach of our other SMB Packages. It is simple to implement and easy for children to understand and take ownership of their progress and next steps. With SMB Science:

  • Pupils are engaged in their own learning and can evaluate their particular strengths and areas for development. The visual nature of colouring in the Science Maps makes it easy for pupils to see their attainment and progress at a glance.
  • Every child knows exactly what their own Science target is and whether they have achieved it, through the use of Feedback Friday Targets.
  • Learning is improved by pupils knowing what they need to achieve by the end of the unit/lesson through the use of NSQs.
  • Planning lessons and ensuring the correct pitch under the new National Curriculum is easy with NSQs as teachers can begin with the end in mind.
  • Successful completion of a NSQ is the trigger for colouring in the Science Map Target (showing not achieved, achieved, or mastery). This provides clear evidence to support assessment without levels.
  • Progress within and across units is clear and visual, aiding tracking, monitoring and evaluation.

Key Benefits of SMB Science:

  • Consistent Whole-School Approach
  • Child-Friendly, Visual Science Maps
  • Objectives Broken-Down For Each Unit
  • Next Step Questions To Evaluate Pupils’ Knowledge & Understanding
  • Evidence To Support Teacher Assessment Of Attainment & Progress
  • Fully-Aligned To The Content & Pitch Of The New National Curriculum

Year 5 Science Map (A4 Sticker)

Year 5 'Science Topic Targets’ sticker, showing all curriculum objectives by topics

Next Step Questions (Year 5)

Year 5 Science ‘Next Step Question’ sticker, assessing Year 5 objective ‘F2’