Religious education

Catholic Religious Education

Catholic Religious Education Based on the Religious Education Curriculum Directory 2012 (RECD) and the Levels of Attainment, our SMB Religious Education materials support the teaching of curriculum Religious Education in Catholic schools.

Consistent with all SMB material, our approach comprises:

  • Child-friendly Curriculum Maps, containing all of the objectives for KS1 & KS2; Steps to Success – Clear, levelled success criteria, matched to the Agreed Understanding, for AT1(i) (Beliefs, teaching and sources), AT1(ii) (Celebration and ritual) and AT1(iii) (Social and moral practices and way of life);
  • Feedback Friday Targets to match the criteria for each level; and
  • Magpie Nests with key religious vocabulary, to support pupils in developing religious literacy.
  • The SMB Religious Education Package is available free, to any school purchasing our complete SMB Package, or as a stand-alone Package for £450 plus VAT. Please contact us for further details.

Free to Schools when Full Package purchased.

Curriculum Directory

RECD KS2 Curriculum Directory Sticker – for easy curriculum mapping

Scripture Success Criteria

RE Success Criteria Sticker, aiming to achieve AT1(i) Level 5

Magpie Nest