Monitoring with Stick Mark Boom!

The Stick Mark Boom approach is an invaluable monitoring tool. Triangulation of judgments is key to evaluating the quality of teaching and learning over time, but many Heads and Senior Leaders are not confident with the requirements of the whole new Primary National Curriculum (EYFS to Year 6 in all subjects), limiting their ability to make effective judgements. SMB facilitates robust monitoring in the following ways:

  • During formal observations, Subject Maps enable Leaders to make quick assessments about the pitch and content of lessons;
  • Progress and attainment are clearly evident and measurable during work book scrutiny;
  • Planning is easily cross-referenced to ‘Next Step Questions’ and ‘Steps to Success’ as well as Subject Maps to ensure appropriate coverage and that content is introduced in a progressively demanding way;
  • Gaps in coverage, or learning (of individuals, groups or cohorts) are apparent through inspection of SMB stickers; and
  • Children are able to articulate their understanding of their own learning journey and progress against targets.
  • This holistic approach enables School Leaders to make stringent, consistent judgements about pupils’ progress and attainment within a subject, across a year group and between year groups.